Our Business

Marimo Holdings aspires to be a social business company that society needs.
We pursue a variety of businesses to take on social issues.


Group Home Business for the Disabled

After the City of Hiroshima designated us a disability welfare service operator, we opened SA-N-PO Honkawacho, a group home for the disabled. We work hard to create a society where residents, the business, and the local community can accept, help, and learn from each other as we take one step forward at a time together.

Hotel Management Business

Blue Quad Hotel Kurashiki Tamashima, a novel container hotel, and Seto no Utsutsu, a resort hotel on Suo Oshima Island, are focused on business use and tourism needs over the medium to long term. In addition to developing new hotels, we are actively engaged in managing existing facilities and we direct effort into stimulating the local economy by redeveloping facilities in regional cities.

International Staffing Business

We place staff with advanced abilities and particular skills, mostly from Indonesia and Thailand, at companies. But our work doesn't end with finding a job for the talent. We implement thorough follow-ups to make sure employees are happy with their hires and that the staff are glad to be working in Japan.

Overseas Business

For half a century, Marimo has been building safe, reassuring, comfortable condominiums, an approach we have also put into practice in China and Southeast Asia. In China, we led a joint venture with a state-owned company to develop a condominium with interior furnishings. In the Philippines, we are providing safe and reassuring housing for low- and middle-income people in the suburbs of Manila.

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