Affordable housing development in the Philippines

Providing comfortable and safe home for Filipinos who are suffering from housing backlog

According to the United Nations, 1.6 billion people around the world do not feel secure because of lack of access to the safe housing,
and that number is expected to grow to « billion by 2030.
There is an overwhelming shortage of "affordable housing", homes
that can be purchased by low- and middle-income families without burdening their finances.
Unfortunately, this shortage is also causing a variety of social problems.

It is our responsibility as developers to provide decent housing. As developers, we should make the world a place where anyone can have a chance to purchase safe and comfortable home. Therefore, we started a partnership with local developer to provide affordable housing called low-cost or economic housing in the suburbs of Manila, Philippines.

This business is intended to be "social business" that solves social issues through its projects. It does not aim to generate a large amount of profit, but that income will be used to continuous and quick provision of affordable housing to as many people in need as possible.


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