Condominium Business in CHINA

Bringing Japanese condominium

In China, condominiums have been typically seen as a form of investment.
However, high quality condominiums are now in demand as homes for general users.
Marimo Group has established a local subsidiary in Shanghai, China and has planned a variety of large-scale projects.
By studying local business customs and development, we launched our Chinese version of the "Polestar" brand in Suzhou in 2013.
Our first project, "Polestar Garden," was a huge success, with all °­« units in ©ª buildings sold out before handover,
and highly rated with no handover refusals.
In 2017, we will begin selling units in our second project, "Polestar Garden Shang Ya Yuan," which includes 1,200 units located in Wujiang District.
Although China's rapid economic growth is well known, condominiums still have much room for growth as homes.
We are committed to applying the quality and technology we have developed over many years in Japan toward providing better homes in China.


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