Check with Marimo Co., Ltd. (external website) for the company history prior to the founding of Marimo Holdings.

August 2015
Established Marimo Holdings Co., Ltd.
July 2016
Marimo Regional Revitalization REIT, Inc., which Marimo sponsors, is listed on the real estate investment trust securities market of Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.
November 2016
Migrated toward a holding company structure with Marimo Holdings, Inc. as a holding company responsible for the management of the corporate group, and Marimo Co., Ltd. restructured as a business company specializing in the real estate business.
May 2017
Began sales of 532 condominium units in the first sale of a total of 1,260 units in 18 buildings at “Shangya Yuan,” our second condominium project in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China. (All units were sold in the first month.)
March 2018
Opening ceremony for Au Ampil Elementary School in Cambodia, where we supported construction of the new school building.
June 2018
Began sales of 728 units in the second sale at “Shangya Yuan” in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China. (All units sold out in the first month.)
August 2019
Announced the Marimo Ten-Year Vision.
September 2019
Marked the 50th anniversary of Marimo’s founding.
November 2019
Marimo produced a TV commercial celebrating our 50th year featuring actress and model Maika Yamamoto. The commercial was aired on TV networks nationwide.
February 2020
Opening ceremony for Muang Mue Middle School in Laos, where we supported construction of the new school building.
July 2020
Drafted the Marimo Group SDGs Declaration. Drafted the Marimo Activity Portfolio (MAP) as a new set of management guidelines for the Group.
September 2020
Established Marimo Development to carry out condominium complex planning, development, sales, and consulting.
Acquired Coconomi Inc. as a subsidiary, making it a new Group company.
December 2020
Founded Marimo Real Estate Services Co., Ltd., a new company that handles real estate purchase, sale, and brokerage as well as consulting.
January 2021
Founded Fish Friends Co., Ltd., a new company offering Web-based services for fishing.
September 2021
Environmental Sanitation Business Department split off into new group company Marimo Life Co., Ltd.
November 2021
Established a joint venture between two companies to create Tanabe Marimo Farm Co., Ltd., a new company for producing organically grown rice and vegetables.
February 2022
Established a joint venture between three companies to create Setomosu Co., Ltd., a new company engaged in business utilizing Citrus Park Setoda.
March 2022
Full start of an affordable housing business in the Republic of the Philippines.
April 2022
Public Welfare Business launched with opening of SA-N-PO Honkawacho group home for disabled people.
May 2022
Opened the Blue Quad Hotel Kurashiki Tamashima as the first container hotel in its hotel operations business.
August 2022
Marimo Consulting is absorbed by Marimo and management is integrated for the sake of organizational change. Yurick Home is absorbed by Marimo House and management is integrated for the sake of organizational change. Opened the Seto-no-Utsutsu sauna and fishing hotel after remodeling a resort facility business taken over on Katazoegahama Beach in Suo-Oshima, Yamaguchi Prefecture.
March 2023
As part of the group's growth strategy, we have reorganized its businesses into the domestic real estate business, the overseas real estate business, and the non-real estate business. Marimo acquired Marimo Asset Management, GM Associe, Marimo House, and Marimo Real Estate Services, which run the domestic real estate business, as subsidiaries. Marimo has formed a capital tie up with AEON MALL Co., Ltd. as a growth strategy to strengthen the domestic real estate business.
October 2023
Tanabe Marimo Farm Co., Ltd. changed its name to Marimo Farm Co., Ltd.
March 2024
Marimo Global Technology Co., Ltd. signed an agreement with Scalefree Network Co., Ltd., for capital alliance and business succession of Lifeskill Support Association.

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