Our Name's Origins

Marimo's Origins

Our company's name, Marimo, comes from the plant of the same name. The green algae found in Lake Akan, in Hokkaido, is a special natural monument of Japan. A ball of the algae contains multiple organisms, each of which forms one of the narrow fibers (similar to a fungal filament) that make up the sphere. Likewise, at the Marimo Group, we are built from a congregation of many colleagues. Just like a marimo, each employee is a Marimo Group member who forms the company through the combination of their individual capabilities. Furthermore, a marimo can only live in clean water. Metaphorically, our business philosophy serves as our company's clean water. In our view, Altruism & Appreciation is a water that purifies our minds. It is the philosophy in which the Marimo Group resides. To continue existing in this world, each group company must keep the water within the vessel that is the Marimo Group pure, which means always having our philosophy in mind as we work.

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